The use of discount coupons in Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher in promoting your service can largely benefit your business as people are attracted to deals and discounts. Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher can drive more sales.

Smart Circle Booklet/Vouchers are easy to promote and distribute There are different ways like our website and direct marketing etc through which we can advertise the Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher to make it more accessible to the potential customers.

Clients can customize the percentage of the discount as well as the time period of the Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher validity. Smart Circle Booklet/Vouchers are extremely versatile.

Increase profits: It is a wrong notion that clients earn less when they are giving away discounts. The truth is clients can earn more profit and increase average order value through Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher. Based on research and experience, consumers tend to spend more when they use booklet/vouchers thinking that they save money and actually they save money also.

Acquire new customers: Using Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher can help clients to attract new customers. Providing the right offer and using the right form of advertising, attracting new customers can be a breeze for clients. People are attracted to try out new products and services when they think that can get more value from their money.

Retain existing customers: Aside from attracting new customers, Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher can also help businesses retain their customers. Smart Circle Booklet/Vouchers are great for retention. Returning customers are very important to clients since it keeps the businesses running.

Hit target sales: Customers are attracted to buy products and services when discounts are available thinking that they can buy more products and services with less money

Appease angry customers: There are instances that people make mistakes, even businesses and their employees. Sometimes, wrong items are sent to the customer or food arrived later that yield to disgruntled customers. One of the effective ways in appeasing these angry customers is to offer them Smart Circle Booklet/Voucher amending the inconvenience and will largely help in retaining these customers.

We reach customers face-to-face through our direct marketing executives: Direct marketing involves direct response. Direct marketing can be a powerful tool: Promotion of products and services through direct campaigning can be extremely effective and powerful

We build long-term relationships. Smart Circle Group is an ideal choice for clients who are looking for an organization that is small enough to offer personalized service, large enough to handle major projects and passionate about achieving great results.

Advertising partnership with us is free: Client need not to open his/her cheque book as from designing to printing to selling the booklets in market the entire responsibility is of Smart Circle only.

Guaranteed new footfall: We have exceptional industry knowledge as we have professional management team with a vast experience in the Brand Promotions, direct marketing and online marketing so we can generate remarkable sales results for our clients.

Exclusive database with details like contact number, DOB, DOA, etc are provided to client by Smart Circle and  clients can Fill unused capacity as the fixed cost is same whether one is using your service or you are fully booked. So increase your revenue by joining hands with Smart Circle and fill your unused capacity.