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  • THE BARBEQUE COMPANY (Malviya Nagar)

    Smart Passport



    Shop no- 282, Mahaveer Nagar 2, Maharani Farm, Gayatri Nagar B, Durgapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    (Only One Bonus Coupon Allowed at One Time)

    Offer 1A: Special Service Offer

    Get Glow Mask (Blossom Kochhar) Worth Rs.500 In Just Rs.164/-(One Time 2 Coupon Can Be Used)

    Offer 1C: Special Service Offer

    Get Relaxing Head & Shoulder Massage + Steam (30 Min) Worth Rs.399 In Just Rs.109/-(One Time 2 Coupon Can Be Used)

    Offer 1D: Special Service Offer (Female/Male)

    Get Organic Vitamin E Keratin Hair Spa (30 Mins) Worth Rs.1050 In Just Rs.329/-(One Time 2 Coupon Can Be Used)

    Offer 1E: Special Service Offer

    Get Basic Glowing Facial Worth Rs.599 In Just Rs.153/- (One Time 2 Coupon Can Be Used)

    Offer 2: Choose Any 6 Services At Rs 1099/-

    Female/Girl Kid Hair Cut + Hair Wash + Blow Dry, Clean Up(Female) , Female Basic Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, 4 Highlights, Head & Shoulder Massage, Hair Treatment, Skin Treatment, Under Eye Treatment, Face Treatment, Traditional Sugar Waxing (Full Arms, Full Legs And Under Arms), Hair Spa (Female), Hair Styling Basic, Eyebrow & Upper Lips, Body Scrubbing, Body Message(30 Min) (Choose Any 6 Services In Just Rs. 1099/-

    Offers 3: Top To Bottom Service For Female

    Hair Cut + Hair Wash + Blow Dry + Glowing Facial + Eye Brow, Upper Lips & Forehead+ Head Massage Worth Rs.1499 In Just Rs.769/-

    Offers 4: Waxing Offer

    Female: Basic Honey Waxing (Full Arms + Full Legs + Underarms) Worth Rs. 599 In Just Rs.289/-

    Offers 5: Waxing Offer

    Female: Facial (VLCC Papaya) + Back Polishing + Rica Waxing (Full Arms + Full Legs +Threading (Eyebrow)) Worth Rs.1999 In Just Rs. 1099/-

    Offers 6: Special Offer

    15 Highlights Worth Rs.3499 In Just Rs. 1649/-(One Time One Coupon Can Be Used)

    Offers 7: Marriage/Party Function Offer

    Party Makeup (Make Up Studio)+ Hair Cut + Hair Wash + Blow Dry + Hair Styling + Draping + Nail Paint Worth Rs.3799 In Just Rs. 1649/- (Mix Indian Brands)

    Offers 8: Keratin (Streaks Professional)

    Keratin Worth Rs.4700 In Just Rs.2541/- (Including Tax)

    Offers 9: Hair Smoothing/Rebounding

    Hair Smoothing/Rebounding Worth Rs.7500 In Just Rs. 3630/- (Including Tax)


    • Smart passport offers are valid till 31 AUG 2023 at mentioned outlets.
    • Prior appointment/reservation/booking is mandatory to avail the offers.
    • Not to be combined with any other offers, promotions, advertised special and corporate discount not applicable.
    • All offers are valid for dine in only. Take away as per outlets terms (packing will be chargeable)
    • Smart passport is nontransferable, non-cashable for any others services.
    • Please present the relevant coupon code to the client representative at the time of placing order/booking. Without coupon code, offers will not be valid.
    • Price/rates and menu are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Government taxes as applicable (not for bonus offer) and terms &conditions apply.
    • Purchase is required for every coupon, not for bonus offers. (In some client offers, for bonus offer purchase is required /must be combined with other offer as per mentioned in the offers.)
    • In case of any misunderstanding or dispute with customer, the decision of the outlet manager will be final.
    • No verbal agreements accepted, offers applicable on printed rates only,
    • Offers are not valid on 14th feb, bhaidooj, 24th dec, 25th dec & 31st dec, on events & blackout days.
    • Smart circle group reserves the right to add, modify, withdraw or delete any of the client, vendor, offers, coupons, rules, terms and conditions. Duration of the program (validity) without prior notice to smart circle group smart passport members. All decisions in this regard are final and binding on smart circle group smart passport members.
    • Terms and conditions apply
    • In case of dispute with customer, the maximum liability of smart circle group would will limited to rate of smart passport only.
    • Coupon/smart passport valid through smart circle group app or www.smartcirclegroup.com website only
    • Coupon code is compulsory, without matching the coupon code offers will not be valid
    • Rates are mentioned per coupon
    • Customer must pay 10/- + GST to Smart Circle India on each transaction of each coupon as transaction charge/other charge
    • The booklet is only for reference, please check offers online on our app before purchasing the offers

    How to subscribe Smart Passport?

    • Open Smart Circle Group App and click on Smart Passport.
    • Subscribe Smart Passport (Submit the form by filling it and then pay the subscription fee)
    • Go to Smart Passport again and verify your phone number.
    Congratulations now you are part of Smart Passport Family and now you can buy our lucrative offers.

    How to buy offers?
    • After selecting a brand, you will see offers related to that brand and the discount available on it.
    • After selecting the offer click on “ADD +”(You can increase or decrease the quantity as per your requirement)
    • Click on “Continue” tab and enter your name, email and mobile number and click on “Pay Now”
    • Pay the coupon online as per the offer.
    • You will get the coupon after making the payment. You can get your Coupon Code (in green) by clicking on “Order Number” on “Home Page” by clicking on “My Booking”
      Home Page>Click on My Booking> Click on Order Number> Coupon Code (in green)
    • Avail the Deals/Offers by showing the “Green” Coupon Code at the respective outlet.
    • You can avail this offer anytime within 30 days.

    Buy One Get One (B1G1) Offer

    • You will see B1G1 offers in some outlets / brands
    • Minimum fee of Rs.20 to be paid online for these B1G1 offers
    • Visit the respective outlets and buy the goods of your choice, and pay for it at the same outlet, in which “On buying one item, you will get another item of the same or lesser price free of cost”

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